Shelley Mac

Growing up in New Zealand, I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by stunning natural landscapes, including lush green terrain, mountainous ranges, and golden beaches. Despite my idyllic childhood, I felt a strong urge to explore the world beyond my home country. At the age of 17, I ventured to Japan where I initially struggled to adapt, but eventually grew to love the culture and people, marking the start of my spiritual awakening.

Returning home, I continued to pursue my thirst for adventure, this time discovering my Celtic roots in Scotland before eventually journeying to the Middle East. In Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus, I felt a profound sense of history and pain, while Jordan and Egypt left me in awe. However, it was Africa that stole my heart, particularly the joyous children who greeted me with smiles even in the most challenging conditions. My encounter with gorillas in the jungle bordering Zaire and Uganda remains a cherished memory from those intrepid years of travel.

Fast forward a decade, and I had established myself as a singer/songwriter, touring my home country, releasing original music on the radio, and opening for major rock stars such as Sir Elton John and Eric Clapton. Despite the excitement of this period, I began to feel that something was missing. In pursuit of new opportunities, I traveled to the US to record an album with Hall and Oats lead guitarist Shane Theriot. While in Austin, Texas, to visit a friend, I met my future husband, Texas rocker Rod Williams, at one of his shows. Our chemistry was undeniable, and we have been inseparable ever since.

As Rod had spent much of his childhood in Mexico, the country soon became a focus for us. He introduced me to his sanctuary in Akumal, where his father and a friend had opened the first dive shop on the Yucatán Peninsula. I immediately felt at home, particularly in Tulum, with its stunning jungle backdrop, beaches, and cenotes, and an unmistakable sense of Zen. I began to collect trinkets and clothing from the region and wore them both on and off stage. Friends and fans often asked where they could get them, leading me to consider starting my own business.

After discussing the idea with Rod and a dear friend, Paulina, who had successfully started her own business, we began designing products. Aside from the fact that our bags are all handmade from 100% recycled plastic, the designs reflect my personal journey, from my roots in New Zealand to my current home in Austin and the spiritual connection I feel with Tulum.